Social Media + Covid-19 = Mom Shame/Blame???

I took a break from social media for approximately 4 months (give or take) right before this virus hit. I made the decision to return about a month before this virus came to be. I vowed that I would get back on and be a participant rather then a passive observer (aka stalker). I even posted a live video claiming my commitment to engage and be part of. I promised myself I would limit my time on social media, be careful what I consumed and be aware of my own triggers for comparison , envy and judgement. Then Cornona hit (does it even deserve to be capitalized ??) – aka roughly 6-10 hours a day on social media and being glued to my phone. Before long those old familiar feeling came rushing back in. The feeling that maybe I should go off again like “good addict” – abstinence being the only option. But I think in the end these feelings are normal (quote on quote). What’s extra special and perhaps not so “normal” is the amount of time I spend feeling guilty and shameful at having those thoughts. Thoughts like – oh it must be nice she (aka mom friends) can homeschool her children w no concerns or issues. Must be nice she can concentrate on keeping her house clean and neat. Must be nice she can spend all that time on herself and on and on and on. These thoughts have become so loud I can barely hear my children when they are asking for their 100th snack of the day.   Is anyone else just hating the word SNACK right now? Back to my story, in addition to having all of these ‘I am less then’ thoughts I have also been thinking about how I can help, how can I be part of the solution rather then the problem during these corona times ?

Side Note: If you haven’t heard of Glennon Doyle, stop reading this and go find her now- but please come back. As far as I can tell from binging her books, blog and videos over the last month she believes in telling the truth and encourages other women to tell their truths. She is so much more then this but for the purpose of this blog we will stick to this idea of telling the truth.  Suddenly there was the answer… this is how I can help, I can tell my truth…

My truth is this….I do not feel good enough and where this shows up most in my life is in parenting. This feeling of not good enough was there long before social media and has the potential to be there long after. Will there be an after of social media??? Perhaps another topic for another post another day. It started when I was very young.  I wish I could provide you with an original origin story about not being good enough – but I cannot.   My father left when I was one and was never mentally well enough to be present with me when he was around. I remember sitting at the window waiting for him to pick me up and when he inevitably did not come –  I wondered what was wrong with me?  I told you it is not original, but it is still true.

So…can I blame social media for this ?  Or have facebook, Instagram etc etc become mirrors to my pain  – sent to remined me that this wound is still there and is in need of healing.   When I am my best self I can know that the mom who appears to be killing it at e-learning probably worked hard to create a love of learning in her children or she worked hard at limiting screen time or she simply has neurotypical kids whom learning and educational systems come easier to. Whatever it is she should be celebrated.  I can know that the Mom who’s killing it at routines and keeping her house in order may be doing so because that gives her a sense control in a world that seems so out of control.  I can know that the mom who is killing it at self care may just in fact know that the best way to fill her childrens cups is by filling her own first.   I can know that the mom who is having small but physically distant visits with her mother is doing so to curb the depression and lonlines her mother has experienced since loosing her husband.  In my most authentic and best self I can even know that the mom who is writing this blog and holding all of the other warrior moms achievements and pain through this crazy time should be celebrated and also forgiven for having those comparative thoughts and feelings.   

To all the corona mamas out there –  I celebrate you in the hopes that i will one day be able to celebrate myself on the regular. 

Another sidenote: All hail the single corona mamas, you are my heros   

Published by Alison

Oh my gosh, I am so excited you are here. I am a 44 year old Mama of two kiddos - age 9 and 4. I became a mama later in life, first at age 36 and then again at 40. I am still not ready to have children. When they ask me for a snack or for dinner - my first thought is often 'not sure, go ask your Mom!!'. Oh wait , I am the Mom. This is the story of how I Mom and fiercely love my kids, but most of the time don't want to .

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